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1.9 - Explanations

Nicole was shaking. She didn't know whether this was from her hangover or the fact that she'd woken up next to Daniel. She had quickly gotten him out of bed by litteraly dragging him off it, and sending him out of the door, exclaiming that she'd never want to see him again.
And after that she'd started trying to reach Rob.
She had to find him and talk to him before anyone else did - but she had her hesitations. He had lied to her, but as soon as she had become sober, she realised, she'd never let him tell her about it. What if it wasn't about Mary-Sue? What if it was something else. She had to know. This time she wasn't about to let Drunken Nicole believe Daniel before Rob. She wanted to know what was true.
But Rob seemed to be gone - lifted of the face of the earth.
She ended up going to his appartment to see if she could find him
She sighed in relief when his voice came out through the callbox.
Nicole: "Rob... Hey.. It's... me..."
Rob: "Thank god Nicole! Just a second - I'll be down to see you!"
It took him about 2 minutes to take the elevator down and he rushed to her, and took her hands..
Rob: "I'm so sorry! I haven't been able to reach you - You turned your phone off after hanging up on me yesterday, and I have been unavaliable today! I really wanted to explain, but you just hung up!"
Nicole: "I know - It was wrong, but I had heard some rumors, and we'd just clarified that we weren't seeing someone else, so..."
Rob: "You thought that was what i agreed to? I've never cheated on you. In fact I haven't been dating anyone but you in a while. Not since Roberta was born..."
Nicole: "... wait, what?!"
Rob: "Thats what I haven't been telling you. I had a short fling with a girl called Soo-Jin a while back. Out of that came my daughter Roberta. I haven't told you about her, because I didn't want you to judge me - but I thought that Brandi might have told you since Soo-Jin is now dating her son Dustin?"
So that's what Brandi held back at the party. Makes much more sense now.
Nicole: "Oh my... But Daniel told me..."
Rob: "Daniel? Have you been speaking to my boss? Why?"
Nicole hadn't been thinking this through - How much did she want him to know?
Nicole: "Uhmmm.. Well, that would be my secret. When I first came to Legacy Island, I kinda fell for Daniel and I knew he felt the same way - but I ended it as soon as I realised he was married. I didn't want to cause any trouble. But apparently I did - for you"
Rob: "He did start to get really harsh on me when we made it official? But why haven't you told me?"
Nicole: "It's not exactly the kind of thing you just blurt out..."
Rob: "Maybe not - But what did he tell you?"

Nicole decided that it would be best to make a lite version of what happened.
Nicole: "I decided to talk to him, to see why he was so harsh on you. I wanted to rule out that he was harsh on you because of me - He wasn't. He told me that you were cheating on me, with his Mary-Sue, and that was why he didn't want to promote you".
Rob: "That bastard... I knew Mary-Sue was cheating on him, but not with me. She has been sleeping with my roommate Enrique for a while, but I promised not to tell anyone. He probaly followed her, and drew the wrong conclusions. But you... do you still have something for Daniel?"
Nicole smiled and pulled him in an embrace.
Nicole: "No, I'm all in on you!"
Apparently that was something that Rob liked to hear, and he pulled her into the elevator, where he showed her, that he was all in on her as well.
He kissed her and told her goodbye. His daughter was upstairs and even though he wanted her to meet Nicole, he wasn't sure whether it was a very good idea to wake her up from her nap, with a new girlfriend by his side. They decided that it would be a good idea to wait a while. But that didn't throw Nicole off her game, and she left the appartment building to go busk with a smile on her lips.
That smile lasted until she realised. She still had one episode she wanted to bury - but she didn't want anyone to know. Especially not Rob... He would be devistated.

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  1. Uh-oh... If she's pregnant now, she'll have no idea who's it is...
    Also, I'm not sure how Rob will handle all this info. I hope they can work through it, because they're really sweet together.

    1. Imagine if Rob found out about her... indiscretion... And then trying to handle the info... I predict fireworks - of the "I could kill you"-kind... (;

  2. Oh dear, I can see this all going badly wrong... (especially since I'm pretty sure that Daniel was hard of Rob because of Nicole and not because of any assumptions he'd made about Rob & Mary-Sue)